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People to People

The very essence of our State rests not on the towers of bricks and mortar but on the character of the people that it nurtures and cultivates within these towers. Our sages said: "The Jewish nation is distinguished by three characteristics: Mercy, Modesty and acts of loving-kindness". Enjoy a "hands on" experience helping others.

Living The Peace Process

The political face of Israel is changing, day by day. Be a part of it! Experience the facts of Israel's political geography. Meet the people behind the headlines, as you share meals and lively dialogue with Jewish families living in the settlements and Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank or on the Golan Heights. Visit a military installation.

The Bible Lands Adventure

Make your Bat/Bar Mitzvah trip a unique experience. The educational staff of the Bible Lands Museum will design a tour of their unparalleled collection based on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child's Parsha (Torah portion).

The Maccabean Village

Experience a guided tour through the time of the Maccabees, highlighting the clash of Hellenism and Judaism. This extraordinary site offers many hands-on activities to experience the acitivities of the period – mint coins, bake pita bread, learn about ancient oil lamps, old writing tools and much more.

The Excitement of a Dig

Imagine the excitement of literally unearthing an artifact that may well have been a silent witness to great events in history. We are offering you an opportunity to dig out a piece of your own heritage by spending one day (or a half day) with one of the many archaeological expeditions working on ancient sites in Israel. This is your opportunity to touch the heartbeat of history. No previous experience necessary.

Life in Biblical Times

Experience Abraham's Tent. The nomadic Bedouins live in tents and follow the seasonal changes of the desert in their wanderings. Their way of life is probably the closest we can get to that of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Experience an educational in-depth visit, which can include a catered, kosher barbecue meal in Abraham's tent, complete with authentic furnishings, camel and donkey rides, music and dancing, arts and crafts.

Off the Beaten Track

Negev and the Judean Desert Safari Tours. Israel's deserts hold a wealth of surprises for the traveller who wants to probe their secrets. Wadis, canyons and colorful sandstone formations, ibex, hyrex, foxes, wolves, leopards, and magnificent birds inhabiting the region. Travel by jeep, safari vehicle, dune buggy, or on camels, horses, or donkeys. Spend a few hours, half a day, a full day, or several days, including overnight accommodations and meals. Tours are available for individuals, families, and groups.

Bike Tours

Apart from history and archeology, Israel offers nature at its best. From snow covered mountains in the Golan and Galilee, through the rolling hills around Jerusalem, to the vast deserts of the Negev. From the paved to the highly technical, there's something for everyone. You can ride throughout the year: the north and Jerusalem in the summer, the deserts in the winter. Custom made tours to your specifications. Whether it's one day or a few weeks, your own bike or rented, small or large groups, it can be arranged.

Sharp Shooting in Israel

Experience another aspect of the reality of Israel's history. Learn how to safely fire different weapons with one-on-one instruction. No license or permit necessary. Included: All ammunition, individual professional instruction by a weapons expert.

We love Israel and look forward to sharing The Best of Israel with you!

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